Production and Utilization of Microbials for Insect Pest and Disease Management

         To overcome the hazards associated with chemical pesticides, the use of microbial biopesticides is increasingly being adopted. A great deal of knowledge has been generated on the use of micro organisms including bacteria, fungi, virus, yeast, mycorrhiza, actinomycetes, protozoan and nematodes for the management of crop pest and diseases. Microbial biocontrol agents have offered some realistic alternatives to chemical pesticides when used as a part of an ecologically based integrated pest management or area-wide pest management strategy. 3 Lot of innovations have been made across the globe on characterization, survival, mass culturing and delivering of microbial biocontrol agents. The rapid successes on adoption of microbial biopesticides are due to its effectiveness and safety as compared to chemical insecticides. Great successes have been made by the farmers in India by adopting the microbial biopestcides based technologies.

Lead talk on "Trichoderma for plant disease management - A gift of God to humankind - A N Mukhopadhyay, former Vice-Chancellor, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat"

Lead talk on “Biological control in compliance with the Nagoya Protocol: Access and Benefit Sharing of microbial– David Smith, Director Biological Resources, CABI, Surrey, United Kingdom"